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Live kirtan

Live kirtan from Amritsar

Golden Temple, Harmandir Sahib.

Click on the live link above for live kirtan from Shri Harmandir Sahib. Please note transmission is from 5am to 5pm Indian Time and 12am to 12pm GMT. Please note that sometimes connection cannot be made because there is no signal from Shri Harmandir Sahib which is our source. Also note this is only an audio transmission and does not include video.

If you cannot connect, you can click on the play button on the media player below to listen to 2 recorded kirtan tracks. Please use the "next" and "previous" buttons to switch between the 2 tracks. There is something magical about these, you are lifted out of this world.....enjoy!

Please note you require Windows Media Player which can be downloaded for free by clicking on the icon below.

Get Windows Media Player

Only Shabads